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   Hangzhou Dunli Store & Display Fixtures Co., Ltd. is a shelf manufacturer with more than 20 years of experience in designing and producing products for shopping malls, integrating design, production, sales and service and exporting products to many countries and regions around the world.
   Hangzhou Dunli Medical Instruments Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer of Class I and Class II medical products approved by the China Food and Drug Administration. We fully integrate medical, nursing, ergonomics, mechanical engineering, aesthetics and color theory with the products, and constantly devote to the R&D and innovation of medical equipment. Our products and solutions are mainly used in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, home care and other related fields.

   Hangzhou Dunli Store & Display Fixtures Co., Ltd. :www.dunlidisplay.com
   Tel:+86 0571-86302306 86302187

   Hangzhou Dunli Medical Instruments Co., Ltd.:www.dunlimedical.cn
   Tel:+86 0571-86307559
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